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14 Oct 2014

Unepic has been accepted and published in the AppStore.
Just a couple of points you should know:

1.- It's for computers (MacOS), not for mobile devices.
2.- MacOS version does not include multiplayer.

Click here to get it!
Wii U
06 Feb 2014

Unepic is finally in WiiU.
It is available for America and Europe.

The main difference with the PC version is the use of the gamePad for pannels and shortcuts, and the possibility to play Tv-Off.
IMPORTANT: WiiU version does not include multiplayer.
Steam + Keys
26 June 2013

Last 13th June a "Early Access" version of Unepic was released in Steam. This means that, although the Single Player is complete, the multiplayer is still unfinished and needs fixing, balancing and more levels.

Concerning Steam Keys, they are available for everyone who purchased Unepic in the past. However beyond 26th June 2013, only Keys will be granted to people that purchase Unepic here, in the official web.

For more information about keys read here: Steam Keys
The community of Steam approves Unepic
15 January 2013

Good news: The community of Steam has approved Unepic. After a year of Steam's rejection, thousand of votes of players made Unepic be approved. Thanks a lot!

A few months will be needed to see Unepic in Steam due to works of integration of Steam's services (clouding, achievements, etc) and to finish the multiplayer mode. Moreover, you'll have time to play that mountain of games you got in Christmas Sales ;-)

All those who purchased Unepic will have their Steam Key (if Steam le me do it).
dubbing 12 December 2012

Dubbing is now available.

You can create your own dubbing in your language and let other players listen it via DLC.

The system is simple and requires no special acknowledge. Just record all dialogs and store them in a folder. They will appear in the game. See this post for specific information: How to create a dubbing

The video on the left is an example of Spanish dubbing.
Unepic in Wii-U
12 December 2012

Nintendo has accepted Unepic to be published for WiiU.

EnjoyUp, a company in Barcelona (Spain), will be the publisher of the game. They have already done games for Wii and Gameboy, and published other cool products like La Mulana.

The porting will start next January. When the porting is done, I will have to do all changes in the game coming from Nintendo, specially in dialogs and some 'adult-like' quests ;-)

It is too early for a prediction, but the game could be available in May 2013.
Unepic in GreenLight
31 August 2012

Unepic is already in Steam's GreenLight. You vote will be very welcome!
Click here to vote: Unepic in GreenLight

Although the plan is to release the game in Steam with a multiplayer mode, the game is already published in GreenLight in order to collect as many votes as possible.
Multiplayer before Steam
27 August 2012

Due to a strong advice from someone with far experience and success in the indie scenario, a multiplayer version will be created before the next attempt in Steam.

More info here: forum of Unepic
Konami Remakes
5 March 2012

Although people says that Unepic is a "Metroidvania" game, it is inspired in the Maze of Galious, a great game for MSX created in 1985 by Konami.
Braingames created a remake of Maze of Galious and other games from Konami: the Goonies, F1-Spirit, Road Fighter...
Find them here. If you had fun with Konami's games in the 80's, this is an appointment that you can't miss.
Steam rejects Unepic
12 February 2012

Ill news: Steam rejected Unepic. The only explanation Steam gave is that "the game does not fit in Steam".

This really shocked me because Unepic is considered one of the 10 best indie games of 2011 by some indie magazines, including the IGOY contest.
In fact I expected from Steam something like "the game looks nice, we'd like to have it in Steam but it is too spicy and sound/graphics should be improved".
I hope they reconsider to accept Unepic, even if changes/improvements should be done.

A thread has been opened in Steam to let them know that people likes Unepic

TotalBiscuit, who made a preview in youtube, tweeted about this: https://twitter.com/#!/Totalbiscuit/status/168412409378242560
Rank 3 of 5400
2 January 2012

Today Unepic is the 3rd best valorated game in IndieDB and Desura by people and viewers.
It is indeed a nice way to start the new year 2012 :c)

As soon as I have a little time I'll do special items to celebrate it.
IndieDB.com: Unepic is TOP 10
25 December 2011

Great success of Unepic in the most famous popular votation of indie games in the world!
Unepic is TOP 10 thanks to all votes of followers! See the list here.

IndieDB is one of the biggest database of indie games. It has more than 5000 games registered and a store called Desura (where now Unepic is also available).
gamin.ru: best punctuation for Review of Unepic
25 December 2011

Review of unepic gets the maximum punctuation in the Russian forum Gamin.ru since it started in 2007.
Punctuation is given by members of the forum.

An important factor was the awesome review done by Kozinaka.
IndieGameReviewer.com: Unepic is TOP 10
24 December 2011

The web IndieGameReviewer.com selects the TOP 10 indie games of 2011 including Unepic, that reaches the sixth position!

Looks like Spain is Worldwide known for other aspects: IndieGameReviewer starts the presentation of Unepic saying "Hailing from Spain, the land of sangrias, futbol and bullfights, ..." Hey!! They missed "la siesta" and "la paella"!! :c)

Give Unepic as a gift

Is it the birthday of a friend? Is it Christmas? Or maybe you want to give a nice surprise to someone?
Then you can give Unepic as a gift just following a few easy steps:

I never bought the game:

1.- Buy the game.
2.- Receive the email that contains the serial. Do not download the game.
3.- Go to "my Zone" section of this web and log in using your email and the serial.
4.- Go to "Give unepic as a gift" and fill out all fields.

I already bought the game for me:

1.- Buy the game again. (use the same PayPal account)
2.- Go to "my Zone" section of this web and log in using your current email and serial.
3.- Go to "Give unepic as a gift" and fill out all fields.
Unepic, the full game 2 October 2011

The full game is finally available!!
You can download if from the new 'Buy' section in this web.

I hope you enjoy the game and you find no bugs.
Twitter 14th August 2011

You can now follow Unepic in that web of the blue bird (Unepic Twitter)
Tweets will be post in Unenglish. Please, excuse any dissaster on it ;c)
Hello Unepic World! 10th July 2011

After more than two unepic years working in the game, and being it nearly finished, the official web of Unepic is finally inaugurated.

We start with a unepic beta demo (with some details still to be fixed, but 100% playable), and with a forum where you can ask and write whatever you want.