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Specifications needed for the game

Screen: Minimum resolution to play the game is 1024x600.
Computer: This game does not run (or has problems) under emulated Windows (in a Mac, Linux, iPhone, MSX, Spectrum...)
Internet: Internet conection is needed when unlocking the game (this is done once), and to download items or uploading statistics.
User: User must not be under 17. If so, replace user and try again.
Languages: English, Unenglish, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil) and Korean.

Appart from these specifications, no other problems were reported by players.
Buy the game (Humble Store)

Buy the game ( MacOS )

Mac version is ready and available in the AppStore.
Click here to purchase Unepic in AppStore.

Unepic mugs!

Unepic mugs are ready to geek your breakfast.

The mug itself costs around 8€ (10$), then the transport must be included.
Final prices are:

15€ - Spain (delivery at home)
13€ - Spain (Pickup in post office)
19€ - Europe
$28 - USA

Links to the store

click here to get a White mug with faces.
click here to get a White mug with dragon.
click here to get a Black mug with dragon (my favourite one).
click here to get a Magic mug with faces (color changes when heat).
click here to get a Magic mug with dragon (color changes when heat).