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One person and two years of work

This is Francisco Téllez de Meneses, the creator of Unepic.

He spent the last two years spending his free time to create this videogame, programming, creating the graphics of all scenarios, characters and items, editing all rooms, composing background music and writing more than 1000 lines of dialogs and quests.

Unepic is inspired in "The Maze of Galious", a great game for MSX that Konami published in the 80's .

In truth the original idea was to create a second part of this famous game, but finally the story opted for something more fun and less standard.

There are also other games that
served as inspiration and model
for some parts of the game:

There are other unepic beings in search and seizure that helped in the creation of this project:

Carol Sánchez Quiñones (spain)
Also known as "Carol" is an expert 2D designer.
Wanted for the police to be the responsible of the pictures of the presentation of the game and all bosses.

Her illegal site: www.carolsq.com

Ricardo Peregrina Muñoz (spain)
Alias "Richie" is a master of comic design. He is guilty for creating the portarits in the dialogs of the game.

He writes a blog from unknown whereabouts:


Jose Jaime Hidalgo (Spain)
Criminal musician. With a flute he managed to remove all mouses in the world, and now people can only use keyboards. Moreover he has improved the Unepic SoundTrack with new pieces and remakes.

Rafał Lewandowski (Poland)
Caught several times with stolen critical documents of the Polish government, he is now the first suspect for translating Unepic to Polish.

Christopher Mathieu (USA)
Known in the AD&D world for creating HeroForge, nowadays the FBI suspects that he is the main responsible for nitpick and criticize the English translation of Unepic.

Jason King [老金] (China)
Jailed for practicing Kung-Fu against a gang of thugs that tried to rob him, translated the Demo of Unepic into Chinese from a high-security center.

Andrey Sakharov (Russia)
Beat Kasparov in just 28 movements. Witnesses of that game were killed and since then, Andrey translates Unepic from unknown place.

Jedi Lin (Taiwan)
fallen Jedi who became a Sith Lord. He translates Unepic into Traditional Chinese with the dark side of the Force, and blogs in a galaxy far, far away: http://Jedi.org/blog/

Alessandro El Khoury (Italy)
If he hadn't wasted so much time with videogames, probably would have already conquered the world.. but hey? Who does not like videogames? Translated the game and site in italian, trailer concept and suggestions.

Flsxm (China)
He was jailed for playing the pirate copy of Unepic. He is translating the whole game into Chinese in prison, because his sentence may be commuted on the basis of this work.

Kozinaka (Russia)
Used to pull rich ladies and steal them after providing big pleasure. Also helped in the translation of Unepic and translated the web into Russian.

Zsolt (Hungary)
Responsible of the translation of Unepic into Hungarian. He cracked his first computer at the age of 6 years old using a gum and a clip.

Nicolas Forucroy (Canada)
Dangerous and mortal, he lost the little sanity he had when translating Unepic into French.

Vojtěch Skovajsa (Czech Republic)
A lonely hero who serves the realm in the northern wilderness. By day, he can be seen with his sword and a direwolf fighting wild beasts. By night, he translates Unepic into Czech language in exchange for shelter from freezing cold.

Mark (Germany)
Walking to the bus and staring at the clouds one morning he slipped on a banana peel and broke both arms. With a lot of time to waste now and both of his big toes he translated unepic to german within a week.

Martin Sinot (Holland)
He translated Unepic to Dutch while he was scaping from the police in a stolen car.
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